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Tokyo Revengers Omnibus Vol. 1-2 (Penguin Random House Seven Seas)

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Artikelnummer: 9781638585718
Autor/Verlag: Wakui, Ken

Reihe: Tokyo Revengers/1
Manga, read right-to-left
392 Seiten
von 2022
Sprache: Englisch
The critically acclaimed manga series about a man time-traveling back to his youth to save his girlfriend from a street gang which inspired the wildly popular anime and live-action film!

Watching the news, Hanagaki Takemichi learns his junior-high girlfriend Tachibana Hinata has died. A sudden shove sends him 12 years into the past to face the Tokyo Manji Gang that once made his life hell, which is also responsible for Hinata s death in the present. To save Hinata and change the future, Takemichi must rise to the top of Kanto s most sinister delinquent gang! But things aren t so simple when he befriends the gang s leader, Mikey. What turned Mikey from a petulant child to the leader of the most infamous gang in Tokyo?