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Magaimono: Super Magic Action Entertainment Vol. 1 (Seven Seas)

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Artikelnummer: 9781648276132
Autor/Verlag: Imai, Kami

Reihe: Magaimono: Super Magic Action Entertainment/1
Manga, read right-to-left
216 Seiten
von 2021
Sprache: Englisch
An action-packed tale that offers a glimpse into a secret world where super-powered people duel in the shadows!

College student Isogi Yuki is obsessed with the paranormal. In her constant search for proof of the supernatural, she goes wherever the evidence takes her, and recently that s led her close to home following her University s new and mysterious transfer student! While spying on her research subject, Yuki ends up trapped in the middle of a magical battle (much to her delight). Luckily, she s rescued by a strange, superpowered man in a lab coat whose companion is the new transfer student?! She may have survived her first alien run-in, but now she s got a bigger problem: avoiding abduction by a secret government organization!