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Augsburger Land - A Guide (Wißner)

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Artikelnummer: 9783957861528
Autor/Verlag: Wißner, Bernd, Haidar, Ute, Maier, Katharina

[Übersetzt: Maier, Katharina]
128 Seiten
390 Abb.
von 2018
Sprache: Englisch
Illustrating the many colourful facets of the district of Augsburg, this book answers a host of fascinating questions: Why are millions of readers and viewers so familiar with the people native to a nook in the woods in the northwest of the district? Which eminent historical figure was a trailblazer for the astounding productiveness of the Augsburger Land? The ancestors of which world-famous musician came from the region? And why do many golfers around the world know of the Anhausen valley?

Person Wißner, Bernd, Haidar, Ute, Maier, Katharina
Autor Wißner, Bernd, Haidar, Ute, Maier, Katharina
Genre Bildbände